Deceased Members

This list of Deceased Members of the Choir is not exhaustive and whilst every effort has been made to include all deceased members, their addresses and dates of passing. We were, however, unable to access some details and some may have been omitted inadvertently. Please bring any errors or omissions to our attention and they will be rectified as soon as possible. Thank you. Our  contact email address is

WMVC gratefully acknowledges the help and assistance of the following who helped compile this list; Padraig Kennedy, Paddy Mulligan, Michael Cosgrave and the Staff at Crosstown Cemetery.



Died on


Bannon, Christy Bayview Dr.
Bell, Seamus John’s Rd. 22/08/2007
Bolton, Michael Oylgate 25/06/2004
Browne, Jimmy Hill St. 07/08/2002
Browne, Mick Georges St.
Browne, Pat Kennedy Pk. 23/12/1995
Burke, Paddy Barntown
Butler, F. Jan-08
Byrne, Jim John St. 03/05/2006
Carroll, John White Mill View,
Carthy, Andy Bishopswater 07/02/2003
Clancy, John 30/12/1979
Clancy, John St. Magdalen’s Tce.
Clancy, Paddy Davitt Rd. 20/12/2000
Cleary, Tommy (snr.) High Street Dec 2011
Coe, Sam Carigeen St. 20/06/2005
Cooper, Terry Whiterock Heights. 15/05/2008 
Cox, Sammy Clifford Street
Crosbie, George Maudlintown 23/11/1990
Crowley, Pete Corish Pk. 19/12/2001
Cullen, George Temperance Row,Selskar, 09/03/2002
Dawson, Gerald (Ger) Westgate 26/06/2004
Dempsey, John Corish Pk. 03/09/2003
Donoghue, Danny King St.
Donohue, Pat Kilmuckridge 24/06/2005
Donovan, Jimmy Corish Pk. 09/12/1973
Doyle, Walter (Wally) Devereux Villas 23/04/1997
Duggan, Nicky  2010
Evans, Jimmy
Fallon, Paddy Green St.  29/03/1992
Ferman, Phyllis Miss 30/01/1975 Accompanist
Fitzsimons, Miss Ferrybank ??? Accompanist
Furlong, Isaac Kennedy Pk. 27/10/2005 Chairman when he passed away
Ffrench, Aidan Rosslare 01/03/2011
Gaultern, John Swan View 1981
Goodison, William (Willie) 28/07/1992
Hadden, Dr. Goerge 29/07/1973 Founder
Hadden, Mrs. Dr. George (Helen) 1983 Wife of Founder
Hayes, C. John St.
Hayes, Jim Davitt Road Sth.
Healy, Thomas Carigeen St.  11/09/1996
Kavanagh, Denis Ballycullane 12/05/2012
Keegan, Thomas Fishers Row Jul-67
Kehoe, Martin  John St.
Kelly, Jimmy
Kelly, T. 10/05/1996
Lane, Michael High St.
Leahy, Nicky Wygram 13/01/1997
Lyons, Jack Bishopswater Dec-89
Macken, Bernard Distillary Rd. 03/02/2005
Mahony, John Trinity St. 13/12/1996
Mahony, Nick Emmet Pl. 17/10/1978
Malone, Noel North Main St.
Marsh, Fred  2010
McGettigan, Jimmy The Faythe
McGuire, Jimmy Barrack St. 19/05/1998
Murphy, Billy Croke Ave.
Murphy, Eamon ??????
Murphy, G. Maudlintown
Murphy, Joe St. Aidan’s Crescent 16/06/1991
Murphy, John The Faythe
Murphy, Mrs. (Redmond) Accompanist
Murphy, Pascal Bishopswater 13/05/1995
Murphy, Séan Óg Croke Ave.
Murphy, Thomas Corish Pk.
Nolan, Ned Carigeen St. 18/04/1981
O’Brien, John North Main St. 01/08/1984
O’Connor, Peter Bishopswater 19/11/1989
O’Connor, Eddie White Rock View 03/12/1992
O’Leary, Mosie Tuskar View, Wexford. 30/10/1988
O’Mahony, John Abbey St.
O’Neill, Jimmy
O’Neill, Larry Maudlintown 05/12/1998
O’Neill, Mrs. 24/10/1993
Parle, Séan Devereux Villas 23/11/2000
Reck, Jim Mulgannon 26/12/2002
Robinson, Jimmy White Rock View 30/06/1995
Robinson, William Carigeen St. Wexford 29/09/1980 Chairman when he passed away
Ross, John Corish Pk. 14/02/2004
Rossiter, Christy White Rock View 04/10/1988
Rossiter, Jimmy
Rossiter, Ned John St. Lr.
Rossiter, Nicholas O’Connell Ave. 05/05/1976
Rudd, Michael North Main St.
Saddler, Willie Distillary Rd. 05/03/1986
Saville, James Trinity St.
Scallan, Nick High St.
Sinnott, Dom King St. 24/10/1995
Sinnott, Eamon Ivan Tce. 05/07/1998
Sudderland, F.
Sutherland, Phil Ardcavan 12/12/1999
Tennant, Aidan Devereux Villas
Thomas, Joe Talbot Green
Tobin, Seamus John St. 04/12/1980
Wade, William Talbot St.
Warren, Harry Liam Mellows Park 07/05/2006
Whelan, John Newline Rd. 21/07/2005
Whitty, Willie Barrack St. 04/01/1988